Working the Music here at the end of the highway En Cayo Hueso, the beginning of America's Caribbean, Mother Ocean is calling the Old Man to distant ports and nearby hideaways, always La Mar, La Mar...back in ole Key West, we are out of the way but not so far gone!  United States commerce provides us with all the modern creature comforts, and still a bit of breathing room remains ..tropical, yes, hot ! You've got to love the dress code! Yummy!

    And it's the music, first... as the man said, "If Jimmy Buffet were as talented as you, he'd be famous!"  Well I'm still's the's the breeze, brother, it's the Love Vibration known only to its own...longed for by many...and I Love her like no other. I am watching the greedy and the selfish: they can not hide, though they put on false faces. Stay with the music, the magic, the go looking for Truth in the Media is to search for the needle in a haystack!

   And furthermore...Kokomo is in the great state of Indiana... here it's spelled in "Come on, baby, do the Cocomotion"  It is where, as I said, The Dream Lives On.  Welcome...Listen

   "If you don't get it now...don't blame me when it's gone,"  said the Banana Bread Man. Serving up music in Key West since 1978...hey that's 40 years now!!!